Friday, June 26, 2009

Working Out...But Still No Results!!

Well, I guess I can't say that entirely. No, the scale has not moved. Which is SO frustrating. But I am feeling better. You know that feeling when you start working out again? I'm feeling my muscles again, feeling stronger, feeling more fit. I just hope the scale rewards me soon!

I read something interesting yesterday. Apparantly, people who take pictures of their food before they eat it (for a food journal or something) tend to make healthier choices. Makes sense to me! I may have to give that a try.

Yesterday wasn't a terrible day...but wasn't great either.

Breakfast: A South Beach 100 Calorie Bar (didn't have time for a real breakfast)
Snack: Proactive Yogurt with Fiber
Lunch: Spinach salad and corn chowder
Snack: FiberOne cereal
Dinner: A "Zinger" salad at Ale House...and about six onion rings I stole off my fiance's plate. Oh and a couple of Blue Moon's. Dang it.

But I did go to the gym for an hour long strength training class.

My fiance? He eats whatever he wants and is still losing weight. But he is somehow bulking up (in good ways) at the same time. Frustrating, no?

I have been in the gym three days this week. No results. Boo.

Ever have weeks like this?

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